Terran Federation

By March 30, 2016Lore

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The Terran Federation is a transnational state formation emerged at the end of the Great Colonization.
Once, the humankind reached unbelievable levels of technological advancement due to the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of AI impacted every aspect of humans’ being, changing their way of living forever. Many of centuries-old problems were solved, and it is AI who was able to design and implement the race’s exodus from Earth.

The development of transdimensional drives (hyperdrives) opened an era of traveling into deep space and colonizing new planets. Such a drive allowed moving into space faster than a ray of light. In a few centuries, humans colonized several hundred planets. The Terran Federation was founded to unite all the humanity, now dispersed around the Galaxy. A new technological development, which did a great job uniting the race, was so called hypergates (or null-gates). Using such a gate, any amount of people could instantaneously move to a place where other hypergate was previously installed.
Despite having hyperdrive and hypergate technologies, it took the Federation many years to unite most human-inhabited planets into a single ‘hyper’ network. Moreover, the Federation failed to bring all the mankind together. During the age of colonization, the Wayfarers fraction left the other humans and now refuses to join the Federation.
The Federation is guarded by its Military Space Forces armed with state-of-the-art war equipment. While the Wayfarers command a huge fleet, the Terran Federation has no doubt in its technological supremacy and considers itself ready for a possible military encounter of any scale. Using hypergates, Federation’s battle cruisers could move close to any of connected colonies in a blink of an eye. Also, the early warning radars are placed far enough in the deep space to allow Terran troops to reach any colony not yet connected to the network of hypergates.
As life goes on and on, the Federation does constantly evolve, moving towards what it perceives to be the greater future for all the mankind.