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By March 21, 2016Gameplay

The game features several types of starships, each having a set of abilities. More abilities are unlocked as your hero levels up.
The abilities could be either weapons of some kind or special ship’s features the player could employ in combat. Every ability ultimately increases the ship’s damage output.
An ability could be active or passive. Active ones are controlled by the hero in a battle, while passive abilities are rather ‘always active’.

There are six categories of active abilities. Three are standard (available on ships of any class) and other three are class-specific.

Standard (class-independent) abilities:
• Primary—do small damage; generate hero’s resources; do not cool down
• Secondary—do lots of damage; require resources to use; usually do not cool down
• Defensive—do some tricks to protect the ship (this could be everything from teleporting to activating a shield to making enemy’s sensors blind); usually do not require resources, but take time to cool down

Class-specific abilities depend on the type of a starship your hero chooses. Like standard abilities, they can be offensive or defensive, but for each ship class, there also are specially designed unique abilities.

Each ability also has corresponding modules. By installing these modules, you can change the ability’s efficiency and/or usage mode. Therefore, your hero not only can install various equipment and weapons on your ship, but also mix and match different abilities and modules, implementing a distinctive behavior model which better suites your style (or mood).

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