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Today we’re going to tell you about dialogs in the game. A conversation with a game character is done using a dialog menu. You have four options to choose your answer from, and your choice affects the rest of the conversation. Also, the game’s plot is uncovered through the dialogs.

Terran Federation

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The Terran Federation is a transnational state formation emerged at the end of the Great Colonization.
Once, the humankind reached unbelievable levels of technological advancement due to the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of AI impacted every aspect of humans’ being, changing their way of living forever. Many of centuries-old problems were solved, and it is AI who was able to design and implement the race’s exodus from Earth.

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The Wayfarers

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The Wayfarers are a fraction of the human race. Long ago, they departed from other humanity, and by now, their beliefs and their way of living made them confront the Terran Federation.

The Wayfarers prefer to live in outer space, thus preserving the biosphere on habitable planets. The centuries spent at zero gravity made their bodies slim (with very low muscle mass) and long (much higher than a typical Terran). The Wayfarers have almost no body hair, and their skin is thin and sallow due to the constant exposure to the cosmic radiation and lack of vitamins.

Their spacesuits, adapted to living in the outer space, are a technological perfection. Each suit is equipped with an air recycling system (thus not needing oxygen tanks) and solar cells to absorb energy. Suits allow moving with a great speed in zero-gravity conditions, and also enhance the wearers’ reflexes and give them a considerable physical power. With all that combined, such a suit became an integral part of every Wayfarer, essentially representing a ‘second skin’ to live in space.

Even though the Wayfarers lack access to the Terran Federation’s technologies, they are rather apt in engineering. To mine the necessary resources, the Wayfarers are able to ‘ride’ comets and asteroids. The Wayfarers command a huge fleet with thousands of starships and hundreds of mobile space stations. They live in large communities, covering an impressive part of the Galaxy, but tend to live far enough from Terran planets to avoid a direct confrontation.

The Wayfarers stand absolutely against using hyper-gates and hyper-engines, and they only cross the space with relativistic speeds. They are always on the move (hence the fraction’s name), and there’s no possibility to accurately capture their current location.

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Game features

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The game features several types of starships, each having a set of abilities. More abilities are unlocked as your hero levels up.
The abilities could be either weapons of some kind or special ship’s features the player could employ in combat. Every ability ultimately increases the ship’s damage output.
An ability could be active or passive. Active ones are controlled by the hero in a battle, while passive abilities are rather ‘always active’.

There are six categories of active abilities. Three are standard (available on ships of any class) and other three are class-specific.

Standard (class-independent) abilities:
• Primary—do small damage; generate hero’s resources; do not cool down
• Secondary—do lots of damage; require resources to use; usually do not cool down
• Defensive—do some tricks to protect the ship (this could be everything from teleporting to activating a shield to making enemy’s sensors blind); usually do not require resources, but take time to cool down

Class-specific abilities depend on the type of a starship your hero chooses. Like standard abilities, they can be offensive or defensive, but for each ship class, there also are specially designed unique abilities.

Each ability also has corresponding modules. By installing these modules, you can change the ability’s efficiency and/or usage mode. Therefore, your hero not only can install various equipment and weapons on your ship, but also mix and match different abilities and modules, implementing a distinctive behavior model which better suites your style (or mood).

The Game: Causality

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Causality: An Adventure to the Rim of Space (working title) is a science fiction action roleplaying game from Rimware!
The game is placed in a distant future. You will play the role of a spaceship pilot who falls in the thick of struggle between the Terran Federation and mysterious Wayfarers at far worlds of Milky Way Galaxy.

Key gameplay features:
• Dynamic space battles in isometric projection;
• Customizable space ships and loads of weapons and equipment;
• A selection of playable classes with unique combat abilities;
• Combat system based around active use of class abilities;
• A campaign with an immersive story that you can play single-player or four-player co-op.