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January 2017

Work in progress #3

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New Year holidays have inevitably introduced certain adjustments in the process of development. However, the main difference from the usual routine was that for several days we were working from home, not at the office. That’s why we have managed to do quite a lot during the last four weeks anyway.

Firstly, we have added several new skills and bad guys. Secondly, we have refined or created tools that we can finally use to set up the story mode.

The map of the galaxy, managers of stellar systems, quests, and dialogs; means for procedural generation and placement of enemies and objects: everything is ready and waits in the wings. We are going to work on all these items during the month.

Pasted image at 2017_01_26 09_26 AM Pasted image at 2017_01_26 09_27 AM