Work in progress #6

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Regardless of our efforts to release the game in October, the decision was made to postpone the release till December. The additional time will be used by our small team to improve various aspects of the game, fix various bugs, and optimize performance.

Steam Page Launch!

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Last month was rich in events. First, our game finally got a page in Steam. News about the development process will now be published there too and anyone, who cares about the fate of the game, can now add it to his wishlist.

Secondly, we have changed the name of the game from Causality to Origin Space.

In the rest of July, we were mainly engaged in content production: new abilities, opponents and quests.

Work in progress #5

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News of the month: we have submitted a request to create the game’s page in Steam! Once approved, we will let you know that the page is available for viewing (and maybe even adding to favourites).

Apart from this, we have ordered the localization of the in-game texts and dubbing of our cutscene scripts. Speaking of development, the graphics for 95% of the skills of playable classes is ready, we’ve added a few more enemies and a new batch of campaign quests.

We have also been working hard on the enemy AI. They can now attack in groups, flank you and retreat behind stronger and better equipped units.

Work in progress #4

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In full accordance with the plan, the game’s release on Steam is not far off.

Over the past months, we finally added the ability to switch between the already created characters of different classes. We also started recording sounds. First of all, of course, we work with gunshots and explosions. We tested the localization system and prepared the translation of in-game texts. We also started developing bosses, big and extremely dangerous as they have to be. And we even do not mention new enemies, new skills and other “quantitative” indicators.

One of the most complicated issues to be solved on the way to the release is a multiplayer mode. Despite the fact that for the most part it already works, programmers and testers still have a lot of work to do to optimize it.

Stay in touch, we’ll have an important announcement soon.

GDC 2017

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This Saturday our colleague will take off for San Francisco, where he will participate in the Game Developers Conference, bringing along his laptop with the current version of Causality. We spent all February in prep work for this event.

We have set up part of the story campaign: we laid down quests and dialogs, generated star systems, placed them in the Milky Way and populated them with enemies. Moreover, these enemies have become much smarter and learned new skills during the past few weeks.

By the way, in addition to the game itself, at the GDC, we will also be showing the new gameplay video — and will publish it after the conference.

Causality_v0.19.5.0_3 Causality_v0.19.5.0_2 Causality_v0.19.5.0_1 Causality_v0.19.5.0_6 Causality_v0.19.5.0_7


Work in progress #3

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New Year holidays have inevitably introduced certain adjustments in the process of development. However, the main difference from the usual routine was that for several days we were working from home, not at the office. That’s why we have managed to do quite a lot during the last four weeks anyway.

Firstly, we have added several new skills and bad guys. Secondly, we have refined or created tools that we can finally use to set up the story mode.

The map of the galaxy, managers of stellar systems, quests, and dialogs; means for procedural generation and placement of enemies and objects: everything is ready and waits in the wings. We are going to work on all these items during the month.

Pasted image at 2017_01_26 09_26 AM Pasted image at 2017_01_26 09_27 AM

Work in progress #2

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Every starship of all fractions you are going to encounter during your space adventures plays a specific role in a fight. Ships with strong defense endeavor to engage you in a melee combat while sharpshooters stay at a safe distance. Leaders stay away from the heart of the battle restricting their role to enhancing the subordinates. That’s why an encounter with a full squad of enemies is always a tactical challenge.

blogPost12_ambassador blogPost12_hammer blogPost12_rapid blogPost12_preacher


Boss Battle #1

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Though news about the game has been a rare thing, the development hasn’t stopped for a single day. Among other cool things, we’ve created a boss to be encountered in optional quests. Unlike common enemies, this guy can’t be defeated by blazing away at random and you will have to find his weak spots. But it won’t be that easy cause you will have to avoid his counter attacks while lesser enemies will be trying to get you side-tracked.

We have been Greenlit!

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We thank everyone who voted for our game. Thanks to you we’ve got Greenlit!

Thanks for all your comments and interest to Causality — it is very important for us to get your feedback and support. We have a long road ahead of us until the release, and we’re going to regularly inform you about our progress.

Stay tuned for further updates about our project here and in our facebook group.